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8 Gifts For The Outdoorsy Traveler In Your Life

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Please tell me I’m not the only one that Christmas snuck up on. I feel like it should still be September right now! Where the heck did 2017 even GO?!

If you’re scrambling to throw together a gift for your outdoor adventure friends and travel buddies, look no further. These ideas are ones your squad will actually want in their life. No fake smiles and rummaging the internet for return policies. No regifting to other travelers along the road or “forgetting” the item on the trail.

And the coolest part is that most of these items give back in some way! Give a gift you can feel good about this year. Even if you have to wrap up a picture of it until it’s actually delivered. In January. Like every other procrastinator out there (Ahem — me).

1. Sevenly’s Environmental Cause Clothing

Sevenly prides itself on being an Advocacy Apparel Outfitter. This is fancy terminology meaning that every purchase gives back to a cause. They have a wide variety of cute (and insanely comfortable) clothing that supports environmental causes! I have Sevenly’s Old Soul Unisex Grey Long Sleeve Hoodie and I never want to take it off once it’s on. I feel even better when I wear it knowing that its purchase plants 7 trees with the Arbor Day Foundation reforestation programs.

Use my code joy15 at checkout for 15% off the environment collection!

gifts outdoorsy traveler
sevenly clothing
sevenly clothing

2. Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar Sunglasses have paired up with The Bee Cause to help increase the US population of bees. Each pair sold saves over 30 honeybees! Plus, they’re super stylish and affordable. Many are polarized which prevents your eyes from squinting and hurting in the sun and bright outdoor weather. Get prescriptions and monitor strain reducing glasses as well! They are lifetime guaranteed and the company offers a try before you buy option!

Use my code AJAUNTWITHJOY for 15% off!

nectar sunglasses
nectar sunglasses
nectar sunglasses

3. ENO Hammock

Available in way too many colors to choose just one, ENO Hammocks have been all over social media lately. I guarantee you, if your outdoorsy and travel-obsessed friends don’t already have one, they want one. I’ve used my hammock on camping trips, on beachy afternoons, and even when I’ve had to sleep in airports (WAY more comfy than cold hard airport benches).

eno hammock
eno hammock
eno hammock

4. Solar Powered Charger & Power Banks

This is a gift your travel-obsessed and outdoorsy friends never knew they needed, but would love to get! This solar panel charger (first photo) has 3 USB ports and can charge your smartphone and tablet. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and foldable making it perfect for camping and backpacking travel. Another great option is a power bank. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There’s even a unicorn one! It’s pretty difficult to find outlets to charge your phone while in nature or on the go — heck, even just trying to fight for a plug in a busy airport is annoying! This gift will give them peace of mind and help them stay connected out there.

solar powered charger
power bank
power bank charger

5. Travel Sized Kitchen

The GSI Destination Kitchen Set is the perfect gift for the long-term traveler or frequent outdoor adventurer. This is an item that nobody likes buying for themselves, but it truly comes in handy on long trips! This 24-piece kit includes 4 utensil sets, a cutting board, a utility knife, spice shakers, and more. And it’s just under 2 pounds! Plus, GSI Outdoors in committed to giving back. They’re all about getting kids outside to appreciate nature and live a healthy lifestyle, so they’re partnered with at-risk youth programs and summer camps for children with cancer!

travel kitchen set

6. National Parks Pass And Scratch Map

We’ve all seen those scratchable world map posters. Honestly, gift guides are full of them and it’s a little annoying. But the National Parks Scratch Map is a fresh spin on these posters! And if that just won’t cut it, gift a National Parks Pass to go with it! There’s talk of a lot of the bigger US National Parks increasing their entry fees next year — some by more than double! — making annual parks passes the cheaper option for a lot of outdoor enthusiasts.

national parks pass
national parks scratch map

7. Pendleton Wool Blanket

Pendleton blankets are high-end quality wool. Every adventurer I know wants a Pendleton blanket. The green company has honored the National Parks by creating a parks series of blankets. Each one commemorates a different National Park with colors and an emblem to represent that park. Their other wool blankets also have rustic and beautiful patterns. Warm up by a campfire or get toasty on cold plane rides with this cozy blanket.

pendleton blanket
pendleton blanket
pendleton blanket

8. Splurge on a group backpacking trip to Havasupai

Let me introduce you to Alternate Routes. This tour company is created and run by women, for women. They “aim to ignite wanderlust and curate empowering wilderness experiences for every day people.” They hope to “empower women to embrace the spirit of adventure in the outdoors.” And if that’s not enough to make you sign up right now (seriously, why are you still reading this?), they also are a 1% For The Planet company!

Currently, they have a few backpacking trips to Havasupai open and ready for booking! I heard a rumor that Alaska will be next! Check the website for more details and dates! This is definitely a pricier gift than the rest on this list, but the memories made from it will last a lifetime (cliche? Well it’s true!). Personally, I think this would be the most Bomb-A$$ girls trip ever, so maybe gift the tour to yourself and get your friends onboard to join you!

outdoor tour company
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