About Me 

Oh heyyy! Welcome to A Jaunt With Joy! I’m Joy, a late 20-something California transplant with an addiction to adventure. Having originally grown up in a small country town in New York, I craved not only seeing the world but making a difference in it. My first trip abroad was with my high school’s Spanish Club to volunteer in the Dominican Republic in a poverty stricken community’s cultural exchange program. Instantly infected by the travel bug, I went again to volunteer here after graduating high school, traipsed around the Philippines with a friend, and then left for Unity College in Maine to earn my Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology.

I’m equally passionate about travel as I am wildlife research and conservation. Specifically in reptiles and amphibians. If I’m not catching flights, I’m catching lizards. 

I also wander the world indulging in food, photography, and any form of outdoor recreation or unique experience. Some of the best stories — or worst, in some cases — include spotting beluga’s and seeing the aurora while working in the Arctic, being stung by the world’s most painful insect during a healing ceremony, hiking around an ice cave two days before it collapsed, and holding bear cubs while assisting in black bear den surveys.

Between backpacking, road tripping, taking seasonal wildlife positions, and working as a seasonal cruise ship staff, I have currently traveled to 25+ countries and have lived in 9 states. Follow me as I balance travel with work — encountering animals and nature along the way!

iguana tour

Learning about Blue Iguana conservation efforts on Grand Cayman Island

About The Blog

I first started blogging in the summer of 2010 on my fourth trip abroad — a week-long vacation with my mom, followed by a six week internship in Costa Rica. It was not only a requirement for my internship’s college credit, but a way for me to share my travels with curious friends and family.

That six week internship was the first time I had ever traveled alone. It was scary and empowering and I was hooked. I discovered this world of backpackers that lived poor in materialistic goods, but rich in thrilling life experiences. I was introduced to the ideas of hitchhiking, hostels, couchsurfing, and living on the road. And I wanted it for myself. Mishaps and all!

As I continued to blog of my travels and outdoor adventures, I had a growing desire to reach more people. I’m often asked for help in planning trips (I’m now a travel agent too!) or for travel and outdoor recommendations, and I was constantly repeating information. In September 2015, I took the plunge and purchased my very own slice of internet. A Jaunt With Joy was born! The frustrating yet exciting process of creating and designing this blog has been an adventure in itself and is easily one of my best decisions in life. 

I hope to use this blog as a platform to not only reveal amazing destinations while creating an environmental awareness, but to inspire and encourage you all to live a life that is filled with adventures and risks; one that sets your soul on fire and makes you happy.

Some Highlights

ice caves

Hi, I’m Joy and I like long walks in ice caves

elephant feeding

Feeding an elephant in Bali

goblin valley state park

Hiking around Utah’s strangest landscape, Goblin Valley State Park

bahamas aqua trike

Aquatic fitness in the Bahamas

hiking alaska

Conquering my toughest hike to-date : Upper Dewey Lake, Alaska

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