35 Kickass Instagram Accounts Every Adventurous Traveler Should Follow

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Instagram is rapidly changing the way we all experience travel and adventure. We use it to find like-minded individuals whose photos inspire and excite us. We plan our own trips around the captivating landscapes and action-filled shots they post.

If you’re an adventurous traveler, you’ll definitely want to be following these 35 kickass Instagrammers! From climbing Mount Kili to snorkeling the Philippines to trekking Afghanistan, they’ll be sure to saturate your feed with adrenaline and wanderlust!

Kickass Ladies

1. @hilvees — Hildegunn Taipale


Hildegunn adventurously travels the world, taking incredible Instagram photos that make you feel like you’re right there with her. She’ll take you to the northern lights in Norway, camelback riding through Jordan, or hiking around New Zealand! There’s no shortage of wanderlust here!

2. @roundtheworldgirl — Elise Sterck

round the world girl

This outdoorsy beauty is living an extreme and envy-inducing life! Follow her around as she summits mountains and teaches you about the outdoors in her captions. Oh, and, she has her private helicopter’s license so you can expect to see a lot of badass flight shots too!

3. @anna.everywhere — Anna Lysalowska

anna everywhere

You can expect to see a lot of intrepid travel in Anna’s beautiful feed. From adventuring through Oman to the cenote’s of Mexico, she’s well-traveled and looks pretty freaking fearless if you ask me! Her love for both animals and fashion also shines through in her images.

4. @mylifesatravelmovie — Alyssa Ramos

my lifes a travel movie

Alyssa’s motto is “Dreams don’t work unless you do” and she certainly has a stunning way of living that out through her idyllic photos. She works hard and plays harder, and invites you into the scene with her distinct back-of-the-head shots. She also shares stories of her solo travels around the world, in a funny and downright relatable way!

5. @travel_inhershoes — Aggie Lal

travel in her shoes

Aggie is one heck of an interesting woman! She was born in Poland, educated in Australia, and now lives in the US. She once worked as a television director and producer, giving her plenty of celebrity stories and film experience. Her husband captures her journey as she gives her followers motivational encouragement in inspiring places.

6. @globetrotting_gingertravel — Aubrie Engman

globetrotting ginger travel

Aubrie’s striking red hair is certainly a unique draw to her feed, but even more so is her colorful escapades. Her Instagram will take you through nature on hikes and to coastal vistas and waterfalls. Heck — even her urban trips seem beautiful and outdoorsy!

7. @bemytravelmuse — Kristin Addis

be my travel muse

Through Kristin’s photos, you can tell she sees the world with an open mind and wild soul. Not to mention it looks like she’s done it all! Trekking, hang gliding, sailing, safari-ing (new word? Ha!). Her adventures are nonstop and ever-changing!

8. @hopscotchtheglobe — Kristen Sarah

hopscotch the globe

This down-to-earth thrill seeking babe has visited over 40 countries, taking informative and entertaining videos along the way. Some of which you can find on her Instagram, along with enthralling images. She finds the joy in discovering even the extremest of climates or most off-the-beaten-path locales.

9. @wzylouisey — Louise Tee

travel instagram

Often found in the water or with a snow-capped mountain behind her, Louise definitely knows how to find the rugged beauty in a landscape! She unveils the most surreal outdoor locations and impeccably photographs her experiences in nature. One look at her feed and you’re guaranteed to start planning your next hike!

10. @theblondeabroad — Kiersten Rich

the blonde abroad

This renown bombshell has gone diving around shipwrecks, glamping in the desert, and has taken on one of the world’s most dangerous hikes — all while perfectly styling herself and her content. But don’t let her intimidating beauty or seemingly out-of-reach exploits fool you. Kiersten is a hardworking girl boss who’s 100% genuine and “norm-core”. She gives plenty of tips in her captions, providing you the information you need to carry out your own adventures!

Kickass Men

11. @funforlouis — Louis Cole

fun for louis

Louis is currently road tripping across Mexico in a decked out school bus and was recently traveling in a VW camper van (my DREAM)! He’s also gone on a hot air balloon safari in Kenya, and yes — even visited the controversial country of North Korea. His uncommon adventures (and his photos) will captivate you.

12. @expertvagabond — Matt Karsten

expert vagabond

Camping in Oman and trekking Afghanistan are just two trips of Matt’s that I’m so envious of. He doesn’t just simply go and see an off-the-beaten-path destination. He experiences it. Many travelers wouldn’t dare to travel the way he does, which makes his journey even more intriguing.

13. @pausethemoment — Ryan Gargiulo

pause the moment

Ryan just looks like a hands-down fun person to travel with. Expect to see a lot of high-energy action shots and colorful photos in his feed. He’ll take you to beautiful beaches, jaw dropping coastlines, and sunsetting seas.

14. @drewbinsky — Drew Binsky

adventure instagram

This world record holder and adventurer is a pretty popular name in the travel world. He’s visited over 100 countries, mainly on a budget, and writes about how you can do it too. Solo backpacking through India, uncovering the Middle East, and currently living in Vietnam — you’re guaranteed to be glued to Drew’s feed!

15. @tysontravel — Tyson Mayr

the naked traveler

If you like getting a little wild and rowdy outdoors, and then coming back to silk sheets and that bathrobe life, then this is the guy to follow! Tyson perfectly combines adventure and luxury into one. You’ll also see him bringing water filters to places like Uganda to help third-world communities gain access to clean drinking water. Fitness, health, and staying active are also key components of his feed.

16. @traveldaveuk — Dave Brett

travel dave uk

Dave is constantly switching up his Instagram with new forays, often on solo backpacking trips. He captures the bustling fast-paced lifestyles of Asian cities and then reveals the tranquility of a snowy Finland. He’s slept under the stars on a river boat in Borneo in search of wild orangutans. He’s kayaked in Sweden and hiked in China. You won’t want to miss his next adventures!

17. @thebrokebackpacker — Will Hatton

the broke backpacker

Now this guy sure knows how to dive right into a culture. His portrait shots are unbelievable! The shenanigans he gets himself into are endless entertainment for his followers and his exploits around the world are compelling. One example? His journey across India in a Tuk Tuk he named Tinkerbell. Need I say more?

18. @braybraywoowoo — Brayden Hall


If you enjoy outdoor recreation and nature, stop right here and follow Brayden. Hot springs, the Canadian rockies, waterfalls of Maui, and SO much more! He brings you dog sledding, ice cave hiking, and winter hammocking. And usually with a fun caption attached.

19. @logan_dodds — Logan Dodds

logan dodds instagram

Logan does an incredible job reminding you to be present and fully alive through his images. Practically every single photo pulls you in with its feeling of action and movement. Snowboarding in Japan, diving into lakes, and dangling out of helicopters seems to be his norm.

20. @jackson.groves — Jackson Groves

jackson groves instagram

This Australian solo traveler curates his most stunning landscape photography to give you all the wanderlusty feels. You’ll never grow tired of scrolling through his endless coastal shots. No matter where Jackson is, he always finds a way to make it look like he’s in the most remote corner of the world.

Kickass Families

21. @thebucketlistfamily — The Gee Family

the bucket list family

This full-time traveling family sold everything they owned and have been adventuring around the world for about 2 years now, documenting every step of the way. They can often be found serving others, working out in tropical destinations, and teaching their two insanely cute kids about other cultures. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (so to speak). This family is seriously GOALS.

22. @travelbabbo — The Stoen Family


The Stoen family believes in taking their kids everywhere and letting them experience all a country has to offer. These lucky kiddos have been zip lining in Costa Rica, paddle boarding in Bora Bora, and train riding in Sri Lanka! They meet the local people and wildlife, and experience a wide range of kid-friendly activities in each location.

23. @ytravelblog — The Makepeace Family

y travel blog

This family is certainly creating some epic memories together! A village visit in Vanuatu and sand boarding South Australia are just some of the highlights in this feed. Caz and Craig share a lot of the highs of family travel, but also openly admit the difficulties. Their honesty is inviting and it just makes you love this family even more.

24. @zeebalife — The Zeeba Life Family


The photos and captions in the Zeeba Life feed will inspire you to get out with your family and live a more conscious life. Upscale and eco-friendly are the two words often represented here. They’ve stayed in glass igloo’s in Finland and an alpine cabin in the Swiss Alps, taking their son with them on loads of luxury adventure-filled trips.

25. @mumpacktravel — The Farrell Family


This traveling mother daughter duo is never not smiling. The way these two so clearly enjoy life is contagious. Dancing in rice fields, skipping around temples, and petting elephants — it’s hard not to be jealous of Emmie’s childhood! I just can’t say enough about the wild and carefree spirit they both embody through their photographs!

Up-And-Coming in Adventure Travel

26. @jannarizzy — Janna Canlas

janna canlas

No, I didn’t just choose Janna on a Jaunt because of our name similarities (hah!). This girl is going places, and her kickass photography lets you know it! Look out for her pics of rafting in Moab, hiking in Yosemite, and waterfall chasing in the Philippines!

27. @taylorstracks — Taylor Lorenz

taylor lorenz

This Canadian budget backpacker is currently living in Australia and unveiling some of the country’s most exciting attractions! Her photos seem to get better and better with each upload, as she navigates her way across the globe.

28. @whitneyljames — Whitney James

whitney l james instagram

Exploring the wilderness is this babes favorite mode of adventure, and it’s obvious in her images. She’ll show you dazzling lakes and impressive mountain scapes while offering advice on trail food and gear.

29. @twoscotsabroad — Gemma & Craig Armit

two scots abroad

Gemma and Craig are two highly underrated travelers, exploring the world one great escape at a time. They’ve been boarding down a volcano in Nicaragua, snowshoeing in Canada, and trekking to Machu Picchu. It doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon!

30. @still_stoked — Alexa Hohenberg

alexa hohenberg

Alexa is an all-encompassing adventurer as a snowboarder, surfer, and guide. Action sports and adrenaline-filled travel are well-represented here. Tune in for nonstop images of snow shredding fun and an overall energy of female toughness.

31. @helenwonderlust — Helen Davies


From whale watching in Iceland to snorkeling in Kenya to hiking in Wales, this girl has experienced a lot! Follow Helen as she shares her current travels while occasionally diving into her life-changing pre-instagram voyages.

32. @janiceinwanderland — Janice Estabillo

janice in wanderland

Janice uncovers hidden gems and thrills mostly throughout Asian countries. You can find her hiking, freediving, snorkeling, and ATVing her way through unheard of and hard-to-pronounce locations.

33. @adventurewith_ashley — Ashley Barlow

adventure with ashley

This well-rounded woman is not only a distance runner and triathlete, but a traveler and motivator. She inspires you to live a healthy life and to be your most confident self, chasing passions (and waterfalls) along the way!

34. @adventuresoffoxintheforest — Meg Atteberry

meg atteberry

Currently trekking the peaks of Nepal, Meg has undergone plenty of epic explorations. From Colorado, she’s lived in Denmark, Malaysia, and the UK. Her Instagram seems to be a collection of beautiful mountain tops and fearless wanderings.

35. MY CHEEKY SELF! @ajauntwithjoy — Joy Sheehan

a jaunt with joy

Specializing in adventure for the outdoorsy traveler, my feed is filled with wilderness and inspiring women to get outside more. Having gotten a degree in wildlife biology, you’ll have no shortage of animal shots and facts as well. I also seasonally work on cruise ships, taking my followers to sea in search of nature in each port. Backpacking Central America, working in the remote arctic village of Barrow, and surviving being stung by the world’s most painful insect are just some of my greatest exploits!

Leave your favorite Adventure Travel Instagrammers in the comments!

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