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6 Affordable Daypacks For Any Woman

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Daypacks are essential for carrying your gear on a hike. But there are so. many. options. to choose from! And finding a women’s pack that is functional, stylish, AND affordable is like finding a cheeto on Trump’s face OOH BURNN a magical unicorn. Incredibly hard.

But not impossible! (See? I found a unicorn.) Your daypack should be built for the lifestyle you lead and the type of hiker you are. Whether you’re new to hiking or you’re on the trail more than at home, there’s a pack here for every woman. And the best part is they’re all UNDER $100!

1. The Casual Hiker Who’s Outdoorsy But Not Too Intense

Osprey Skimmer 16 — $80 from Amazon
This pack is perfect for the outdoorsy woman who enjoys a nice minimalistic day hike. It’s got a 2.5-liter hydration reservoir for water and will carry 25 pounds comfortably. There are plenty of pockets for storage, including a scratch-free zippered pocket for keeping your sunglasses or small electronics in. Comes in multiple colors.

affordable daypacks

2. The Extreme and Adventurous Hiker Who’s Probably Overprepared

Arc’teryx Velaro 24 Pack — $93.73 from REI Garage (was $189!)
This is totally the pack for the adventurous woman who wants nothing more than to be outside, tackling a challenging trail. This woman is prepared for any mishap that might come her way. It’s also perfect for you left-handed ladies! That’s because it has dual hydration ports which lets you run the water tube over either your right or left shoulder for easier drinking access. You can buy this pack in a tall, regular, or short size. It’s got a watertight main zipper, an internal security pocket, and 4 external lash points to store trekking poles or other similar items. Comes in multiple colors. 

hiking backpack

3. The Newbie Hiker Who’s Definitely Overpacked

Mountaintop Internal Frame Pack — $89.98 from Amazon
This woman is new to hiking and probably doesn’t know what she’ll realistically need versus what she can leave behind. Or maybe she just likes to have an extra pair of clothes, her everyday makeup, 3 days worth of food, and a flare gun “just in case”. The maroon 80-liter Mountaintop pack has plenty of space for extra necessities and it comes with a built in rain cover! The compression straps let you secure a tent or hammock to the pack, and the side buckles let you fasten trekking poles or a tripod to it as well. There’s also a 3-liter hydration bladder compartment for your water.

mountaintop daypack

4. The Stylish Hiker Who’s Probably Just Doin-It-For-The-Gram

Bagail Retro Vintage Canvas Leather Rucksack — $48.99 from Bagail
This woman likes the outdoors, but she’s not about to sacrifice her looks while on the trail. She wants something practical, yet also hip. This pack is made of high density canvas with leather trim. So it’s durable and ruggedly trendy. It has a zipper closure on top and adjustable shoulder straps for different heights and body types. Comes in multiple colors.

bagail canvas leather rucksack

5. The Eco Friendly Hiker who’s likely judging your plastic usage

The Classic Re-Kånken Reinvented — $85.08 from Amazon
This type of hiker is socially responsible and does her best to lower her carbon footprint while practicing Leave No Trace ethics. Which we should all be doing anyway, and she’ll let you know that. This pack is made from 100% recycled material to make her conscious happy. The recycled polyester is made from the equivalent of 11 plastic water bottles and is colored with SpinDye. This is a dying technology that radically decreases the amount of water, chemical, and energy used in the dying process. Comes in multiple colors.

eco friendly backpack

6. The Working City Hiker Who would rather navigate the streets

Garybank Waterproof Laptop Backpack — $29.99 from Amazon
This pack is for the busy working woman who considers hiking to be walking the streets of the city. If she gets the chance to find a reprieve in nature, it’s probably going to be somewhere like Central Park and she’s probably going to bring her laptop to work from. This backpack has a laptop compartment of up to 15.6″ and an earphone hole for music. Not to mention extra storage for a tablet, iPhone, pens, keys, wallet, and more. Water resistant nylon makes up the top layer, with waterproof PU on the bottom layer. Side pockets allow water bottle storage.

laptop backpack

Which Type Of Hiker Are You?

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  1. Lol I’m definitely the eco-friendly pack. This made me laugh, but some seriously great suggestions in here for different types. Which do you use?

  2. I have been looking for a smaller backpack that I can take as my personal item on budget airplanes. I’m going to check some of these out. I love that they’re all affordable too!

  3. I love this post and these are some really great and affordable options! I would say I’m a casual hiker lol! I’ve been a bit obsessed with searching for a perfect daypack recently, I eventually settled on the Osprey Daylite :)

  4. Wow, awesome post! I always struggle finding the right backpack, especially since I often use it for hiking as well as daily use during my travels. I have one like the first one for the casual hiker but always love the Falraven bags!! They look so cool!!

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